4-star Boutique Hotel in the heart of ancient Rome


Mascagni Hotel Rome, redesigned in collaboration with architect Lorenzo Bellini, has maintained its welcoming and informal atmosphere with a more sophisticated style, with furnishings that inspire a re-fashioned classic style; lighter tones in the common areas that, besides giving space a larger dimension, add more luminosity.
The Rooms are mixed with light and warm colors, like maroon, that bring out the precious woods of the furniture. New for 2012 is the new lobby with free internet point and the new adjacent launge bar.

The Hotel holds contemporary art pieces like the sculpture in bronze by the famous artist of "Nouveau Realism" Fernandez Arman, instead, in the rooms, the walls are enriched with a particular collection of photographs of Rome done in black and white.

Special care has been dedicated to lighting, that besides creating a play on light that improves the accessories and furnishings in the rooms, it creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing.

If you're in search of a relaxing vacation, whether you're in Rome on a family vacation or for business, Mascagni Hotel Rome represents the right solution thanks to, above all, its quality price convenience.

Mascagni Hotel Rome - Rome, Italy
Via Vittorio E. Orlando, 90 - 00185 Rome
Ph: +39 06 48904040 Fax: +39 06 4817637
E-mail: info@hotelmascagni.com
P.IVA 09255651003