4-star Boutique Hotel in the heart of ancient Rome

Hotels Repubblica area

Choose to stay in Rome and in our hotel. It is near Piazza della Repubblica and so it is close to the Repubblica underground station and in a very strategic part of the city, both for anyone who is in Rome for pleasure and those who come here for business. Piazza della Repubblica is also known as Piazza Esedra and is at the top of the handsome Via Nazionale. The semi-circular arcade corresponds to the ancient exedra of the Roman baths and was once an open area with seating where people used to meet and talk. The water in the beautiful fountain in the centre of the square comes from the same spring that fed the ancient baths which stood front of the semi-circular arcade. The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri is to one side of the square, towards Rome’s Termini railway station and Diocletian’s Baths which are just a hundred metres away. It was once the tepidarium of the Imperial roman baths and was designed by Michelangelo.

The Termini Station and Diocletian’s Baths are just a hundred metres away: a fusion of modern and ancient architecture so typical of Rome, which will make your stay in our hotel close to Piazza della Repubblica the prefect vantage point for discovering the city.

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