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Tours with children

Our hotel is close to Villa Borghese, an old roman park on 80 hectares with spacious green areas, from the Italian garden to the large English-style areas, and there are also many small buildings, fountains and small lakes in the park.

· The Borghese Museum (close to the hotel)

The Borghese Gallery is inside Villa Borghese. This is a truly unique museum with regard to the number and importance of the statues by Bernini and the paintings by Caravaggio.

· The Bioparco

From our hotel it is really easy to get to the Bioparco, a modern city zoo with rhinos, deer and lions in dignified enclosures. The Bioparco, which is Rome’s zoo, is at Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico n. 1 and is easy to reach by tram, bus or underground.

· The Children’s Cinema (near the hotel)

This historic cinema for children is now a modern multiplex.
The Cinema dei Piccoli is at Viale della Pineta n.° 15, inside the Villa Borghese, taking the Porta Pinciana entrance (at the end of Via Veneto).

· The Auditorium

The Parco della Musica Auditorium is not far from the hotel and is an important part of Rome’s and Italy’s cultural life, a place in which to enjoy great music and great performances.

· The Monsters’ Park: Bomarzo

If you are staying in Rome with your children we suggest you bring them to this amazing monsters’ park. It is a wonderful trip through mythology and fantasy as you discover the various monuments which are shaped like monstrous mythological animals.

· The Ruspoli Castle

In the huge gardens of the Ruspoli Castle, which is within easy distance of the Hotel Mascagni, you will enjoy the tours and discover the legend of the castle’s ghost.

· The Civic Zoological Museum

The Civic Zoological Museum of Rome, which is close to the Hotel Mascagni, is a scientific cultural centre which conserves, studies and divulges ANIMAL BIODIVERSITY.
The displays and the didactic and cultural events organized in the Museum are a wonderful way to discover the world of nature.

· The Technotown Museum

TECHNOTOWN, an area dedicated to new technologies, is ideal for children aged 11 to 17 and is close to the hotel. Seven rooms in which children can learn to interact with state-of-the-art hi-tech through educational games and experiences which allow them to use the media in a fun and creative fashion.

· Villa Torlonia

During your stay at the Hotel Mascagni you can visit nearby Villa Torlonia, the most recent of Rome’s great aristocratic villas, which is particularly charming for its English-style garden - one of the few in Rome – and the elaborate and unexpected number of buildings scattered around the park.

· The Porta di Roma Galleria

The Galleria Porta di Roma is Rome’s largest shopping mall. On Via delle Vigne Nuove, right next to the GRA ring road and theVia Salaria, it has a wide range of shops: from fashions to home appliances, beauty, health and sporting products but also culture, entertainment and Italy’s largest Auchan.

· The Vatican Gardens

There are those who say that the Vatican Gardens are the most beautiful in the world. This could be a bit of an exaggeration but they are quite stunning with their rare plants, age-old trees, hedgerows and also the many towers, little houses, avenues and, of course, the wonderful fountains: a truly fascinating place.

· The Coliseum

The Coliseum is also close to our hotel. Originally known as the Amphitheatre of Flavius or the Amphitheatrum, it is Rome’s most famous amphitheatre and is right in the heart of the city. It once held up to 50,000 spectators and is Rome’s most imposing ancient monument, and also the oldest we can still admire today.

And these are just some of the things for families to do...

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