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Castles around Rome

Rome Tour length: 4 hours approximately
· Castelgandolfo
· Genzano
· Nemi
· Ariccia
· Frascati
We will leave Piazza San Bernardo adorned by Moses' Fountain, passing by Piazza della Repubblica. Along the way we will admire the Caracall baths, the arch of Constantine and the Colosseum: this itinerary will take us on the Appia, passing under the Porta di San Sebastiano (this is the route used by the ancient Romans, who were going to the Castelli in the summer to enjoy the fresh breeze).
Passing through Castelgandolfo, historical and today's summer residence of the Pope, we will arrive in Albano and then Ariccia. From the large bridge of Ariccia one can admire a wonderful view of the hills and countryside. We will pass through Genzano, Nemi, Rocca di Papa, Grottaferrata and Frascati, going along the Via dei Laghi. Once in Frascati, there will be a stop to state and enjoy the typical wines of this area.

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