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Trevi Fountain

Without doubt the most famous fountain in Rome, this late Baroque creation is celebrated for the legend that whoever drinks from it or throws a coin in the fountain, will assure his return to Rome.

The fountain was created by the architect Salvi in the 1732 under Pope Clemente XII, who continued work begun by Bernini about a hundred years before.

This fountain symbolizes the legend of how water was brought into Rome beginning in 19 BC when Agrippa made the decision to build a long canal. This canal was called "Acqua Vergine" meaning virgin water.

The legend tells that the soldiers of Agrippa, looking for water in the country, met a young virgin who led them to the source of this pure water.

The arch of the Palace of Neptune and the statue of Neptune dominates the fountain in the center where Neptune rides in a chariot drawn by two sea horses and two tritons. The niche on the left contains the statue of the Abundance depicting, above, Agrippa approving the plans for the acqueduct.

The niche on the right contains the statue of the Salubrity, surmounted by a relief of the Virgin leading the soldiers the way.

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